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Gaussian Distribution

junaid Jun 29 2021 1 min read 270 views

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Prob. and Stats
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The Gaussian distribution is a bell-shaped curve in which the values are supposed to obey a normal distribution with a corresponding number of observations on and around the average value during each experiment. When a distribution is "standard", then the median, mean, and mode all have the same value. If the distribution is "distorted", then the mean, median, and mode can have different values.

The equation for Gaussian distribution is:

\(f(x) = \frac{1}{\sigma \sqrt{2\pi }}e^{\frac{-1}{2}(\frac{x-\mu}{\sigma })^{2}} \)

The Gaussian distribution is also known as a "normal distribution". The normal distribution is useful in statistics and is frequently used to represent genuine probability distributions whose distributions are unknown in the scientific disciplines.


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