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Finding the kth percentile is very important in data science and data analysis and has many applications. For example, assume you have a test in your school and the top 10 out of 100 students will get a reward. Let's say you got a score of 85%. Can you tell if you are going to get the reward or not? The answer is NO you can not. But now, let's say you know that you have scored higher than 99 students. Then now you know...and congratulations smiley

In this problem you are required to write a function that calculates the kth percentile given K and a 1D vector of values.

You can follow this algorithm:

1- Sort the data from lowest to highest.

2-      (n is the length of the vector of values)

3a - If i is an integer, then return value at index i.

3b - Else, then round i down and round i up then return the average of those two values.

3.c - Return -1 if the kth percentile is not in the list.

Sample Input:
<class 'list'>
values: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
k: 20

Expected Output:
<class 'int'>

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