Calculate Word Frequency


Difficulty: 2 | Problem written by mesakarghm
For a given pair of sentence and token represented as string, calculate and return the total number of times given token occurs in the text.

For example, for the inputs "Hi there how are you doing this fine evening?" and "Hi", the output will be 1 because the word "Hi" occurs only once in the text.

Sample Input:
<class 'str'>
sentence: He is a very good boy. He drinks a lot of milk.
<class 'str'>
token: he

Expected Output:
<class 'int'>

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uahnbu • 7 months, 2 weeks ago


return re.split("\W", sentence.lower()).count(token.lower())


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abhishek_kumar • 3 months ago


Point to be noted:

-> you have to lower all the characters.

-> All Punctuation marks should be removed. For that using the regex method is most appropriate. 

-> Direct converting a Sentence into list will not work. Since the last word will have a punctuation mark.

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avishek • 2 months, 3 weeks ago


from itertools  import chain

def count_word_frequency(sentence,token):
    a = sentence.lower()
    b = token.lower()
    a = list(chain.from_iterable([i.split() for i in a.split(".")]))
    return a.count(b)

For some reason case 3 is failing

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mo_venouziou • 2 months, 1 week ago


Also note that the token doesn't count if it is a substring of a longer word.


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