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    Solve open-ended case challenges, generate work samples, and augment your profile beyond just a resume.
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    Tell us your wish list. We present employers with your anonymous profile and work samples. No risk.
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    We make a warm intro upon mutual interests. Go through internal referral channels and land your dream jobs.

Your Stage To Shine

Stand out and showcase your on-the-job skills by solving open-ended case challenges sourced directly from employers. One stage for all your applications.

MLPro Talent and Stage

Ace Your Interviews

Practice with the largest repository of real interview problems covering statistics, data science, and full-stack machine learning. New questions are added every week.

MLPro Interview Preparation

Don't Go It Alone

Join thousands of top engineers on MLPro. Learn from interview discussions and explainers. Get tips from peers who landed dream jobs through similar processes.

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Common Application

Solve case challenges, generate work samples, and send results to all employers.


Get Inbound Offers

Flip the script. Have companies reach out to you. Stop applying and start interviewing.

Coding Test

Crack Technical Interviews

Practice case studies and coding tests from actual interviews. Learn from best practices.

Job board

Name Your Jobs

An extensive network of employers value our referrals, with new ones added weekly.



Explainers for actual interview questions, coding tests, and case studies.

Introducing MLPro Vetted Talent

Hire engineers handpicked by Machine Learning experts after multiple rounds of thorough practical testing.


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A Few Words From Our Alumni

Marvin, Machine Learning Engineer at

Got my job!

"Thanks to MLPro, I was able to practice my skills before the interview so I feel prepared. Just landed my dream job."

Alex B.

Successful transition

"I successfully transitioned from a software engineering role to a machine learning role! Thanks for the amazing resources."

John H.

Graduated into my next role

"While at school, I was focusing too much on the theories. MLPro really helped me transition these theories into production skills and ace my interviews."

Lucy L.